Let’s put an end to domestic violence and poverty



Miss A Meal for a Cause

Cause: Domestic Violence and Homeless living in our community


My Twoo Daughters Foundation greatly appreciate all donations and never want any individual to be alarm of the break down of "miss a meal for a cause"donation. We gladly take all donations that are giving to our organization in helping us fight against abuse. Please feel free to donate what your heart desires. We greatly appreciate you.

If you would like to send our organization a check, please make checks payable to:

My Twoo Daughters Foundation

3181 Poplar Ave. Ste. 305

Memphis, Tn 38111


My Twoo Daughters Foundation

First let me start by saying "Thank you for your time and consideration!" I am so excited about the work that has taken place and our continued combined efforts to prevent & end domestic violence and homeless living for many people in our community.  Did you know that Domestic Violence is a key factor to why so many women and children are living homeless today? Did you know that many of those same people do not have anything to eat on a daily basis?  That's why it's our duty as a whole to try and make a difference in the world today by asking you to miss a meal for a cause. This year during the month of "LOVE" which is February, the USDA Food Plan Cost of Food report listed $93.60 as the average monthly cost for a 1 year old to eat. We do ask if you could please commit to a 1 year automatic donation of $16.20 a month?

Why $16.20?

We need a little over $200 a year from you to continue the progress towards a domestic violence-free community. 

Still ... Why $16.20?

Well as mentioned above it takes $93.60/mo to feed a 1 year old on an economical none wasteful budget:


       10% of $93.60=$9.36    $9.36 x 2= $18.72     $18.72 - $2.52= $16.20

So missing a meal of $16.20 a month for a year isn't really asking a whole lot if you have it available, is it? Today we can guarantee future success for our community and My Twoo Daughters, Inc. with a commitment from you?  If so, please donate or call our office for more information on helping the community become a better place by helping to end abuse and homelessness.

What is domestic violence? 

Domestic violence is a pattern of abusive behavior in any relationship that is typically used by a spouse or partner to gain and maintain power or control over another intimate partner in a domestic setting, either violent &/or aggressive abuse &/or assault.