Let’s put an end to domestic violence and poverty


Takila Phillips​

My Twoo Daughters Foundation

 My Twoo Daughter Foundation was founded by Takila Phillips, a domestic violence survivor, in October 2016. Her passion is to assist Memphis and the Mid-South community with creating solutions to eliminate the problems women, men and children face or have been impacted with regarding domestic violence, abuse and in some cases, homelessness.

She has been admired for her work in the community for over 15 years by volunteering her services to many organizations that cater to domestic violence and homelessness. In her efforts to help to solve many issues within the community, she decided to start her own organization to provide different programs and give more information to the many people that needs help in the Mid-South. Her life’s philosophy is, “It takes a village to raise a child, but it takes a community to keep families with their children in a safe environment”.

Takila Hampton/Phillips,

Founder of My Twoo Daughters Foundation