My Twoo Daughters Foundation

We had the privilege this month to help 5 private shelters with tons of clothing, personal items and furniture. Thank you God for allowing us to be a vessel for you. We have so much work to do.

No pictures due to privacy of individuals safety.

Blind Tears is one of our youth empowerment workshops. We take our youth seriously also. We believe if you start now with educating them on domestic violence and abuse of all type, it will help them long term. We had the pleasure of educating 100 kids on bullying, self respect, self esteem, self love, self empowerment, early signs of abuse and  positive habits in moving forward in life toward a successful career.

Takila Phillips,


January 2019

NOVEMBER 10, 2018

OCTOBER 13, 2018


My Twoo Daughters took a stand in the Memphis streets today against Domestic Violence. It is our mission to bring awareness to this issue and never forget the women, kids and men who have lost their lives to domestic violence , abuse and deal with it daily.

DECEMBER 2, 2017 

We fed over 100 homeless people downtown. We were preparing to leave from our office.

October 12, 2019

May 12, 2019

Takila the founder was recognized for all the hard work she does in the community by the artist/rapper Young Dolf. Salutes to her. 

Let’s put an end to domestic violence and poverty

This was an amazing day for us. We served over 200 people a full course Thanksgiving meal. It was a very great day for many. The energy was very positive. We appreciate every one that came out. We limited the pictures of the people due to privacy. We wanted everyone to be comfortable and enjoy themselves and the blessing.

November 9, 2019

We made history this day. We were the first organization to ever march against Domestic Violence in Memphis history. We had 100 women that march with on the Memphis streets. We thank each and every one ofyou that came out and made history with us. God bless you. 

                           My Twoo Daughters Foundation

We took a stand to the streets against Domestic Violence. We fill this is a great way to bring awareness to Domestic Violence with a big impact. Our mission is to connect with victims and the public in an effort to make this major hidden issue known.

December 2018

My Twoo Daughters Foundation hit the streets of Memphis to bring awareness to Domestic Violence. 


June 15, 2019

APRIL 28, 2018

My Twoo Daughters Foundation donated 76 coats to the Union Mission for men, women and kids downtown Memphis, TN. The guy you see Takila standing with is the person that runs the mission. He was very happy for our donation. We are just as happy to help keep someone warm. 

March 2019

March 23, 2019

AUGUST 25, 2018

My Twoo Daughters would like to wish your family a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Bringing awareness to domestic violence and all types of abuse in beautiful gowns and tux.

Takila Phillips,


We had an amazing time with our guest on this year for our 2nd Annual Domestic Violence Gala. We appreciate everyone for coming out to support this much needed cause. We look forward to seeing you next year.

My Twoo Daughters Foundation

My Twoo Daughters Coat Distribution. 

SEPTEMBER 29, 2018


OCTOBER 20, 2018

My story is her story and her story is our story. We all have a story that matches their story.

Takila Phillips,


July 20, 2019

MAY 19, 2018

Happy Holidays 


My Twoo Daughters Foundation

On this day we fed the North Memphis Community at Dave Wells community center. It was such a pleasure to fellowship with soo many people and educate them on abuse and homeliness. We had an amazing time with the community. It was such a pleasure meeting so many new faces.

​JUNE 16, 2018

NOVEMBER 17, 2018

OCTOBER 8, 2017

These are pictures from our clothes drive. We help many

women with clothing and personal items monthly.

Takila Phillips,