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Make a donation to end abuse against children and women. 

Is my donation tax-deductible? How can I get a tax receipt or statement?

My Twoo Daughters Foundation is exempt from federal income taxes under Section 501(C)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Therefore your gift is tax-deductible to the full extent provided by law.

You should consult your financial planner or tax adviser to determine the exact tax advantages of any gift you are considering. 

We provide a tax receipt for all tax deductible donations. If you need a copy of the tax receipt statement or need a receipt for your annual giving, please call 1-901-249-2555

Because every little bit help us help someone, we appreciate your efforts in donating. We help many women and children stay off the streets and get the assistance they need daily in striving back to a normal lifestyle. Your donations can help us provide food, shelter, counseling and education about the silent issues that are unknown with abuse.

It will also help bring us one step closer to building our homes throughout the community for families who need our assistance staying together through hard times.

Let’s put an end to domestic violence and poverty

My Twoo Daughters Foundation

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